I know of a love story;

it’s the sweetest ever told…

How the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Surprised the Heavenly Host.

“Let Us make Man in Our Image!”

A plan that soon would grow

into this sweet love story,

for we, He Loved the Most!

We were not supposed to die

for we were perfectly designed;

for from the earth our flesh was formed;

and with His breath, He gave us life.

Then, our destiny was challenged

as God’s enemy drew near,

and we knew not that serpent

for he was so cavalier!

We believed his lies of grandeur;

causing death to reign…so near!

The sons of God now swallowed up

in darkness, and in fear.

But God, the Father, devised a plan

to defeat this enemy,

and I glory in the Love

that was soon bound to a tree.

God, the Son, in this sweet story

took on our wounded flesh,

and it was in this highest office,

 life, eternal, was re-addressed.

So, Death…Where is your Victory?

Death, Where is your Sting?

It was swallowed up in Jesus

Our King, who reigns supreme!


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