Is It Too Late?

“…that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”–ABRAHAM LINCOLN

My fellow Americans, our nations bane hasn’t been caused, nor can it be blamed on any one person, or official, because our Constitution was framed to protect us from an overly imposing government.

While Legislative Bills and Executive Orders were redefining our Constitution and Bill of Rights, we slept. Now, we are faced with the unimaginable;  America, rendered powerless to the grip of globalization!

The benefits of being an American have begun to dim, as our homeland bears little resemblance to the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.”  No longer are the nations of the world motivated to respect us, and the oppressive nations ostentatiously bewail our demise by their acts of open aggression.

Though I am but one voice, I pray that many will arise; sounding like a mighty wind that will not be denied.  We need to reassess the value of our freedom before it has been ceded to hostile subjugation.  Otherwise, the obvious will prevail… “I didn’t recognize my enemy, because that monster looked just like me!”


Valley of Tears

An injustice brought by one’s failure to react to a situation that may have made a difference, or substantiated a change is as detrimental as an all out assault, with malice and intent.  Though the perpetrator, being fearful and weak, may find mercy, the damage stays nestled in a valley of tears;  The scars of the innocent last a lifetime.

The year was 1965 and Vacation Bible School was the order of the day.  The event promised many opportunities to earn valuable rewards… Yo-Yo’s that glowed in the dark, and Barbies, and even a fancy Barbie Car.  The rewards were to be distributed according to our participation in the VBS Outreach Program, which promoted the membership drive.  I suppose the hope was that some of the kids we invited may get their parents to attend church.  Now, I had one friend.  He was my best and only friend.  His mother worked for one of our neighbors and it was a rare occasion that we were not shooting marbles or catching crawfish in the ditch. I was attending third grade in Beaumont, TX; which was a hot spot in the civil rights struggle over segregation.  Of course, I did not know about it nor would I have cared.  I was 8 years old and playing was my predominant concern.  I never realized that there was a difference between my friend and I.  His dark skin and lovely face, topped with a wild array of beautiful black curls,  was a sight to behold, and I loved my friend.

At this time in my life, I lived with my grandmother who was the love of my life.  I remember crawling up in her lap, and knowing that I was loved, and protected, and that I mattered;  And that she was perfect.

Finally, it was Sunday. This day assured my friend and I would be the proud new owner of at least one new toy, and the probability of more, because we were on top of the board that displayed our accomplishments with shiny gold stars.  We had learned our bible verses and stayed late every day to help with cleaning chores.  Oh, this day was bigger than Christmas Morning, because we had actually seen and touched the promises.  As we quietly sat through the sermon I can remember being so happy when my friend looked at me, with tears in his eyes, as he stood up to walk that long aisle to answer the alter call.  He had heard the preacher say, “come to Jesus and be saved because God loved us so much, that He gave His only begotten Son to die for our sins.”  I watched as the preacher prayed for him and then the membership vote of acceptance, by the showing of hands, was carried out.  This was normal, but suddenly, it became strange and awkward with no hands raised and no hallelujahs shouted.  Where was my grandmother’s hand?  Did she forget that she was supposed to vote “Yea”?  Then, I watched my friend make his was back down the aisle, with tears streaming down his face and his chin quivering, because apparently, God only saved light skinned people.

The result of this experience was years of expressing anger in the form of agnosticism, and disengagement of all things demonstrative of virtue.  Since my grandmother is no longer here to defend herself, I must fairly articulate what I believe led to her actions, or non-action, in this case.  To have a better understanding, I have to remember that she loved me and she knew that I loved my friend, and that he was my first and only friend.

I was overweight and shy, the middle child of a tumultuous marriage between two teenagers from the lower social class.  My father, a hard working man, and my mother, a strikingly good looking woman who got pregnant them married at the age of 16.  You can be certain that much of her time was spent counting her mistakes, with disengagement in its truest form, at least toward me.  My brother, 16 months my senior, seemed as though everything he touched turned to gold and especially the football.  Much can be said of my sister, who is the apple of my eye, but growing up between such perfect specimens of humanity was an indicator of my many faults, shortcomings and failures, so it is no wonder that I lacked social skills.

With that being said, I repeat, she knew that he was my first and only friend.  I do not doubt her love for me and that she had often exhibited volatile protectiveness over all of her children and grandchildren.  But I also know that what she did was wrong;  Though she never admitted it.  Had she apologized, I would have forgiven her, and may have even forgiven the God who lied.

Something inherently stronger than love prevailed, and to this day I believe it was her fear of losing her place as a respected pillar of our community.  I believe that her desire for acceptance and fear of rejection substantiated her actions on that particularly dreadful Sunday, the day I first experienced hate with all that it entails, and embraced the darkness where I could navigate my rage.

I did manage to find Jesus in my late teens… No, Jesus found me!  I think that Jesus saw through the ugliness I had become, to the broken heart, and loved me into a relationship with Him.  The story of this restoration is vivid and wild, but true.  I look forward to penning it someday.

An Open Letter to Ministers

the bible

It is not uncommon for theological perspective to form concepts which, by a spirit of religiosity, doctrine, and ceremony, obliterates and perverts the  simple message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sadly, this religious orientation renders the theologian unobservant to the consequences of his actions.

Jesus preached primarily on the subject of The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  He preached that He didn’t come to abolish The Law but to fulfill them (Mt 5:17).  He said, this is my commandment: that you love one another…(Jn 15:12).  A comprehensive review of The Parables from all 4 Gospels would serve as a reminder of our purpose in the army of The Lord…a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a Holy Nation…a peculiar people that show forth the Praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His Marvelous Light (I Pe 2:9,10).

There are so many people who appear ungodly and unlovable, many wounded from being rejected by shepherds who failed to discern them as a baby lamb, a lamb that the wolves have attacked, or a lamb that knew not a herd.  They probably dress poorly, speak abruptly, and use alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism for their pain.  Beware!  A quick review of The Parodical Son should serve as a reminder of The Love of God for the lambs you ignore and reject.

There was a homeless man who set out to find Jesus.  He had met Jesus while in prison and the two of them spent a lot of time together.  When he was released, he couldn’t find Jesus on the streets of the busy city, though he searched both day and night.

One day, he saw a church with a big, bright sign above its door…”COME to JESUS!”  As tears flooded his eyes he rushed in and sat in a back pew.  Oh, he wished he had new clothes, a haircut, new shoes… then suddenly, one of the Pastors approached him and asked him to leave and not to return until he made himself presentable!  As the man left sobbing, his hopes forever dashed, Jesus appeared saying, “Dry your eyes, for I am not welcomed here either!”

My final admonishment is to remember the spiritual laws regarding mercy; and yes, there are spiritual laws which govern the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  Be merciful and judge not.  Remember, you could even be entertaining angels unaware (He 13:2).

My Sally


When I awoke one morning, a bird was on my bed.

I asked,  “What are you doing here?”

It winked at me and said…”Hi! My name is Sally and

I’m searching for a friend.

If you would be my bird, I will be faithful ’til the end.

I have the brightest colors, yellow, mango, green, and blue;

and my vocabulary is sure to tickle you!”

I thought for just a moment as she began her serenade

of “Good Morning,” and “Wha’cha doin’?” and

“Have a happy day!”

Then, she moved into our nest,

my kitchen, clean and bright;

Where we exchange our small talk

and consider our next plight.