A Good Life or An Easy Life

A good life is characterized by one’s social morals, ethics, achievements, and family.  It is in our best interest to remember that, upon our death, we become a memory.

It is a wise person who considers the implications of their actions, for it would be an accomplishment to look in the mirror and see only scant traces of regret each day.  Nightfall ensures a peaceful rest, knowing that the day was spent honestly, and with consideration for others.

Most people have never made it onto the pages of the Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, or the Ladies Home Journal, but some are held in the highest regard by those whose lives they touched.  As the twilight years approach and death becomes assured, their presence lingers in a memory;  a memory that yields to life.

An easy life is as it says.  Easy!  It is beyond the realms of economics.  It encompasses areas beyond a person’s needs being met; it includes their wants as well.  Little, if any exposure to deprivation or lack could be an adequate surmation   An easy life could be used to describe that of a child, as well, or even a poodle!

I like to think that I live a good life.  It is not, nor has it ever been easy.  My ancestors were immigrants from Ireland, and though poverty became the status quo, they managed to stay just within the working, middle class segment of society.   I am 58 years old, and so very proud to say that I am a student.  I believe that this is the beginning of an easier, but good life.


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